Photos 11 - First Photography Zine

General / 05 September 2019


For the past month I have been working on a new personal project, a photography zine about my trip to the north of Argentina during the Summer
It was a really fun project as I got to learn a bit about things I dont usually do. Designing the layout and look of the zine, as well as selecting and arranging the images was super fun.
I would like to thank my friends who took the time to provide very valuable feedback, helping me navigate trough the process.



As part of the project I also did a poster for the zine, featuring some of the locations from the trip.


The zine can be downloaded for free from gumroad here:

An Artstation mirror is also available here:


Finally heres some of the pictures from the trip that didnt make it into the book that I wanted to share as well.

I hope you enjoy the zine and as always C&C is more than appreciated. have a great end to the week,